Introducing all the Classes

The ASM Natural Makeup Course (10 classes over 5 days) teaches the fundamentals of makeup. The ASM Basic Makeup Course is the next level of this course and targets those who wish to undergo a total makeover.

Akemi S. Miller Face Design

ASM Natural Makeup Course
– Your training begins with learning how to develop a clean and natural look.


Course ASM Natural Makeup course
Total courses 10 courses over 5 days (60 minutes class x 2 units = 120 minutes)

The basis of the New York lifestyle revolves around a natural style. Even in makeup, natural makeup has become the norm. In this course, you will learn subtle, natural techniques that look invisible. These skilful tricks give you a subtle beauty.

ASM Beauty School お申込み

Akemi S. Miller Face Design

ASM Basic Makeup Course
– You will develop your own individual skills and be able to hold your own against anyone.


Course ASM Basic Makeup course
Total courses 20 courses over 10 days (60 minutes class x 2 units = 120 minutes)

Having learned about natural makeup in the ASM Natural Makeup Course, you can now learn about haute couture makeup for an even more individualistic, gorgeous look. This will give you a unique opportunity to enhance your unique beauty and discover a new you that you didn’t know existed.

ASM Beauty School お申込み

Akemi S. Miller Face Design

ASM Artist Makeup Course / 1st term Basic
– “Creating” a face for the first time


Course ASM Artist Makeup course / Basic
Freq of class 14 courses over 7 days (60 minutes class x 2 units = 120 minutes)

Everyone’s face is unique. After completing the ASM Basic Makeup Course, you can further progress to learning techniques used to design the look of someone else, which will greatly expand your repertoire of skills, knowledge and sensibilities.

ASM Beauty School お申込み

Akemi S. Miller Face Design

ASM Artist Makeup Course / 2nd term Technical
– Develop pro-level techniques; you can do it too!


Course ASM Artist Makeup course / Technical
Freq of class 14 courses over 7 days (60 minutes class x 2 units = 120 minutes)

This course is open to those who have completed the first half of the ASM Artistic Makeup Course. This class proceeds to train you in how to apply makeup suited to different contexts.
It is full of skills you will need for situations like weddings, runway shows, studio shoots, artistic makeup, and more. This class is guaranteed to be exciting and fun.

ASM Beauty School お申込み

Hair-Styling Class 1 class: 90 minutes (*Optional: More than two lessons)

This class first provides lessons on the process from blocking to arrangement for basic straight hair and wavy hairstyles. Then top hairstylists demonstrate new and hot hairstyles. The models are changed according to situations and subjects such as weddings, studio shooting and actresses.

Artist Class Special A (Kimono) 1 class: 120 minutes (*Optional)

Drawing from her previous experience as a kimono designer in Japan, AKEMI SONE’s special techniques are disclosed. She gives practical lessons on kimono as the Japanese national costume and as fashionable apparel, disclosing methods such as changing kimono in the few available minutes during a runway show.

Portfolio Production Studio Shooting 1 day

This class was created for all students on the artist course to represent the accumulation of the techniques, sense and knowledge that they have acquired at ASM BEAUTY STUDIO. Students produce their own work by engaging in on-site interaction with professional models and photographers. The ability to display skills gained in Hairstyling, dress styling, and total coordination are also utilized to complete original portfolios. Motivated students can strengthen their portfolios in addition to those included in the shooting classes of their courses. This class is included in all makeup classes but it can be taken individually. Also, students can repeat this class as many times as needed.