ASM Beauty Schoolよくあるご質問What can be learned at ASM BEAUTY STUDIO?

In ASM Beauty Studio we practice the Basic Makeup Course as intended for all women hoping to become beautiful and the Artist Makeup Course as applying to be a professional.

In the Basic Makeup Course first you learn how to create a unique makeup mask for oneself. Next, you understand about the relationship and use of shadow and highlights so you can make your favorite makeup face freely and easily. You can learn the techniques of applying natural makeup to be able to see casual and natural haute couture makeup in the style of luxurious actresses.
All faces are individual and I direct it by a face design to TPO.

In the ASM face design artist makeup course, I aim at the acquisition of the “technique to create a face of” another person. Go a step further by making one’s face; next is AKEMI S. I make full use of analysis and technique of MILLER original method and learn a technique to draw the beauty of the third party to the maximum.
This class is divided into a first-term basic class and the technical class of the latter period and advances with to the know-how from basics to a professional techniques for industry use. It is technical and the class moves along according to the on-site situations encountered in the last part of ASM face design artist makeup course. Wedding makeup, orchid way show makeup, studio shooting makeup and artist makeup completes the curriculum for those wanting to be a professional through AKEMI S. MILLER techniques.

ASM BEAUTY STUDIO is not just a place that teaches how to put makeup on. ASM BEAUTY STUDIO teaches how to strengthen the inner-self not only as a creator but also as a human being and individual in society and it brings out the most significant quality that each person was born with. Before putting makeup on others you will realize that your own face has never looked better, and you will feel free and more open. Everyday life will change, outward appearances may be superficial, but these changes can add confidence to a person’s soul and bring about the positive energy to live. Emotional problems always show up on the outside. Body and soul are one; without true happiness, the most beautiful makeup will only serve as a mask. I want to have you feel pleasure and happiness in your body and soul by learning through the class. Students from abroad can learn at ASM Beauty Studio. We practice the original makeup class taught in English in Japan.

ASM Beauty Schoolよくあるご質問I want to know more about AKEMI S. MILLER!

AKEMI S. MILLER has made contributions in many different fields as one of the major fashion designers of the New York Collection, total beauty creator, kimono producer, music journalist, and “mother” to all the actresses and models that she has sent out into the world. AKEMI S. MILLER is Japanese, but New York acknowledges AKEMI S. MILLER not only as a representative of Japan, but as one of the top creators in the world. Three million people from around the world flocked to see AKEMI S. MILLER’s fashion show, “Flower Goddess,” an exhibition held at Rockfeller Center in 1998. AKEMI S. MILLER sent out a message of love through fashion to the 175 member nations of the United Nations with the presentation of her collection, “Love, Peace and Beauty,” which was done after receiving a special invitation from the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. AKEMI S. MILLER says that an artist’s character is fully reflected in his or her work and that personality is the greatest gift.

All people who meet AKEMI S. MILLER once, regardless of gender, race or age say that they feel like they can spill their hearts out to her. No matter how successful or renowned she becomes, she will always remember the little things in life that count the most. The accumulation of creative works produced in various areas by, AKEMI S. MILLER who has continuously pursued the beauty of women, is utilized in the classes of ASM BEAUTY STUDIO.

ASM Beauty Schoolよくあるご質問What kind of students are studying at ASM BEAUTY STUDIO?

We opened a class in AKEMI S. MILLER Beauty Studio in Japan one year ago. A lot of Japanese individual women know ASM and transform themselves very much. In the New York school, a student from all over the world came to the United States, and the graduate is equal to 5,000 people. Most succeed overseas as a professional artist.

There are a lot of women who learn the beauty, bring oneself up, and hope to be confident as a fashionable married woman or working woman. And for them, nationality and the age are not matter. If you want to become beautiful and enjoy your life it is the time to start learning. AKEMI S. MILLER Beauty Studio is the sophisticated private school as the small class. If you surely want to obtain the beauty, please come here. Now you can learn in Osaka without going to New York.