The Original Method by Akemi S. Miller

Devised by AKEMI S. MILLER, a fashion designer for New York Fashion Week.


I worked in New York for twenty-five years, creating clothing for New York Fashion Week. I also ran a school on 5th avenue training total beauty creators. I was often asked why, as a fashion designer, I was involved in beauty and cosmetics. It came from a discovery I made one day. I realized that before the question of clothing, what women need most is an identifiable “beauty image” that goes beyond age, ethnicity, or nationality — and it starts with their faces.

I thus began, just as with clothing, “designing” the faces of each of my clients. The client’s natural proportions are displayed in a more beautiful light; the face balanced, and the skin quality and appearance enhanced, with any client concerns rectified, showing them in the most flattering light.

My face design technique resembles haute couture test garments in that the details are carefully created in a base form, then the face is shaped in using shadows and highlights to give it a three-dimensional, sculptural look.

Remember, this is not just makeup — this is ”face design”.

Those benefitting from our technique include graduates such as Klaudia, a model who appeared in the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated film The Devil Wears Prada. She witnessed her transformation through the Akemi S. Miller beauty school.

Courses intended for:

  • People who want to develop the skills to maximize their own beauty
  • People who want to appear younger and their most beautiful
  • People in the creative industries
  • People who wish to achieve “total beauty”

Until now, these classes were only available in New York City. Now, Akemi S. Miller has begun offering courses right here in Japan. The Face Design Basic Course begins by helping you to learn the basics of makeup for yourself. Using the original Akemi S. Miller moisture patting technique, you will learn in a short time both the fundamentals and applied techniques that you can use in different contexts, places and occasions.

The Face Design Artistic Course, designed for those seeking to work professionally, consists of two terms. It is richly packed with training in makeup tailored to weddings, runway shows, studio shoots, and other exciting occasions.
Akemi S. Miller Beauty Studio intentionally keeps class sizes small in order to focus on the individual personality and strengths of each student to develop their skills, knowledge, and sensibilities.