International Artist Course

Greeting From Akemi S. Miller

Akemi S. Miller

ASM Beauty Studio transcends ethnicity, nationality, language and culture; offering a school in Osaka designed for tomorrow’s future artists who aim to master total beauty coordination.

In particular, the face is the most crucial element when it comes to designing a total beauty look. Our techniques and sensibilities allow you to change your appearance and develop a newfound sense of fulfilment.

ASM Beauty Studio’s techniques, knowledge, and sensibilities blend two totally different cultural styles — the “delicate and refined beauty” of Japan with the “creative and dynamic power” of the USA. Drawing on my long background in fashion and beauty and incorporating my own insights, the original techniques offered in these classes can be found nowhere else.


Akemi S. MillerASM Beauty Studio handles each student’s individual concerns and goals and draws out their personality and individual expression to the fullest. It is my goal that more beauty leaders from around the world graduate from ASM Beauty Studio and bring their skills to a global audience.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you soon.

Akemi S. Miller

ASM Beauty School Artist Course

The International Artist Course at ASM Beauty Studio is a special international course catering to students seeking to become professional beauty creators. Coursework is individually tailored to the student and their level and background. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to those working professionally in makeup. The international skills, knowledge, and sensibilities Akemi developed in New York are now being deployed in Japan to train a new global generation of talent.

ASM Beauty school

Through a stepped program, students begin by using their own faces to learn about natural makeup style, couture makeup, and more. They then proceed to develop the fundamentals of makeup by working on models. This is followed by technical classes on techniques tailored to specific situations. Students learn wedding makeup, runway makeup, studio shooting, artistic makeup, and many other professional industry-level techniques and backstage insights. ASM Beauty Studio’s proprietary and comprehensive classes let you expand your repertoire as a beauty creator. Your new life begins at ASM Beauty Studio.

ASM Beauty school

Class ASM International Artist Course
Start month Slated to begin in April 2017
Length About one month
Number of courses per day Two lessons per day (90 mins. each) for a total of 180 minutes. Five days a week for 24 days.
Maximum capacity 90 students (30 per class)
Course content ・Orientation: 1 day
・Basic Class: 20 sessions
・Artistic Class, first term: 14 sessions
・Artistic Class, second term: 14 sessions
・Skincare class: three sessions
・Portfolio creation: 2 days (rehearsal, 1 day + photo shoot, 1 day)
Open to Students from abroad who want to train in AMS face design and obtain professional skills.
Entrance fees Exempted
Tuition fees JPY 408,000
Miscellaneous expenses (one month’s worth) JPY 15,000
Makeup Brushes JPY 12,000
Portfolio production JPY 120,000
*Includes photographer, model, photographic equipment, contact sheet or CD, and two portfolio-sized photographs.
Certificate of completion JPY 50,000
Total course fees JPY 605,000  (tax exclusive)


Class ASM International Makeover Short Course
Start month Slated to begin in April 2017
Length 2 days (optional additions to be scheduled separately)
Maximum capacity 30 students per class
Course content ・Makeup class: 1 day (2 classes, 180 minutes)
・Skincare class: one day (2 classes, 120 minutes)
Additional options:
・Facial peeling treatment: 1 day (90 minutes)
Open to Students from abroad wishing to learn ASM face design for their own purposes.
Entrance fees Exempted
Tuition fees 2-day set price: JPY 58,000
Optional: facial peeling treatment: JPY 29,800

ASM Beauty School お申込み

Basic Class 1 class: 90 minutes

First, students undergo their own makeover. Through a stepped program, students use their own faces to learn about natural makeup style, couture makeup, and more. They discover a new version of themselves that they never knew existed, reaching an ideal, confident look.

Artist Class Basic 1 class: 90 minutes

After developing this makeup basis, they then begin learning how to apply this technique to others. The class proceeds in an intuitive fashion that is easy for beginners to grasp. It is here that students develop the fundamentals of makeup, revolving around base makeup.

Artist Class Technical 1 class: 90 minutes

Having learned the basics, they then proceed to a class focusing on learning techniques tailored to different situations. Students learn wedding makeup, runway makeup, studio shooting, artistic makeup, and many other professional industry-level techniques. This is followed by an exciting practical photo shoot where you create photographs for your portfolio.

Skincare class 1 class: 90 minutes

・Basic skincare
・Home esthetic skincare
・Facial peeling

Youthful, clear and healthy skin is the universal ideal for women everywhere. ASM Beauty Studio’s skincare classes involve a series of modules where you learn how to achieve day spa effects in the comfort of your own home. From daily cleaning techniques to a once-weekly full course treatment, your skin will transform and be rejuvenated before your eyes. ASM Beauty Studio’s skincare classes, developed based on the latest dermatological science from the United States, are suitable for all skin types. The full course treatment enhances the body’s natural regeneration and restores physical and mental balance and beauty. It includes four kinds of deep cleansing designed to slough off old skin, an aromatherapy massage involving several dozen herbs and squalene, a chemical peel with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and more.

Portfolio Production Studio Shooting 1 day

This class is designed for all students of the Artistic Course; it allows them to put into practice the skills, knowledge, and sensibilities they have previously developed at ASM Beauty Studio. Each student is given a chance to practice makeup in a live context and work with photographers, developing a final piece. This lets them create a unique portfolio that incorporates hairstyling, clothing, and other skills in coordinating a total look. Those who wish to further enhance their portfolio can, in addition to the shooting class in the main course, take part in the Studio Shooting Course.