Voice of graduates

An amazing level of technical skills, fun lectures, and a teacher who draws out each student’s individual abilities.

ASM Beauty School student's voice

I always loved rich makeup, but I was persuaded by those around me to have a try at the natural makeup look. I wasn’t quite convinced by it, but it was around this time that I happened to catch a feature on Akemi’s school on TV, so I visited.
I had studied abroad in New York, so I knew what it meant to work in a city like the Big Apple for twenty-five years. I was quite nervous to meet Akemi herself! Akemi was very down to earth, and her skills and fun conversation exceeded my wildest expectations. She is blessed with an ability to draw out the skills of each student. I was totally drawn into this school, a page apart from the everyday, and the meaningful training I received there.

I was also amazed not only by the makeup, but by the fundamental line of cosmetics that Akemi developed. I’m a bit of a cosmetics freak, and I fell immediately in love with these products. I’ve been using the whole line for six months. I can see how problem areas have improved, and I’ve introduced Akemi’s skincare workshops to ladies I know, who are now all raving about it.

-Classes are a space where you learn up close the importance of living in beauty, health, and strength as a woman.

ASM Basic Makeup Course Yoko Tenpaku

I was absolutely shocked to see the new me — makeup became something fun.

ASM Beauty School student's voice
I learned about Akemi’s makeup school after seeing it featured on a TV program. I always loved makeup, and I would read books and magazines on the subject. I also often went shopping for makeup. I was under the impression that if I bought the best makeup products, I would be able to achieve a beautiful look. When I took part in Akemi’s seminar, though, I watched a demonstration where a participant was done up in makeup. It was truly a shock to see a fellow seminar participant transform so markedly — it was like magic. I decided to enroll right away and begin taking the courses.

Courses begin with you applying your usual makeup routine. Akemi then makes revisions. Another step involved having Akemi do half of my face, and then me trying to replicate that. It was a bit tricky, but I learned how using the right makeup brushes just so and combining colors can drastically change the face. It’s all so fun! The cosmetics used in the course are not overpriced brand-name makeup, but instead cult favorites that can be bought at the average drugstore. With Akemi’s techniques, these affordable cosmetics transformed me into a beautiful version of myself I didn’t know existed. Makeup has become fun again. Akemi’s discussion in the courses was also very educational. Studying at the school opened me up to a new world of cosmetics from New York that I didn’t know existed.

As a woman, makeup will be an ongoing feature of my life, so I am super grateful to have gotten these lessons from a seasoned veteran like Akemi. I’m enjoying experimenting with a range of makeups in different colors each day.

ASM Basic Makeup Course Maya Kurimoto

This school will let you discover the skills and individuality that still slumber within you.

ASM Beauty School student's voice

Akemi, who trained on the frontline of the fashion world as a designer, has an amazing aesthetical sensibility and a suite of techniques that transformed me into a fantastic new me. I thought the face I was used to was the one I would have to live with, but Akemi’s makeup magic has all but transformed me. This was a truly amazing experience. Akemi developed her technique in New York, a city that does not distinguish people by ethnicity or age and in which the latest trends collide. She brought out the inherent and original beauty in each and every one of her clients, impressing with her technical merits and unique aesthetic sensibility. Everyone in the classes grows more beautiful by the day. You might describe it as your smile becoming more radiant, more beautiful… this is not about merely improving your technique, but developing an inner ease that unfolds from within.

As you grow more beautiful, so, too, does your confidence. With more confidence, you take bolder strides forward as you positively and enthusiastically tap into a new power. That’s right — I believe that becoming ever beautiful is something that transforms your life from the better from the inside out. Akemi shrewdly determines the individual style and particularities of a person immediately, always giving on-point advice. She is simultaneously warm and compassionate and gives to-the-point, insightful, and inspiration advice. Her insights will surprise you and allow you to discover your individuality anew as you focus on your true beauty and areas needing improvement. You are sure to discover new abilities and strengths that lie untapped within you.

I hope more people discover the amazing experience of unlocking the beauty within them and harnessing its power to change their lives, possessing a newfound beauty that is entirely one’s own and unique in the world.

ASM Basic Makeup Course Chiaki Tanaka

Students experience the joy of at last finding a tutor who considerately works with them and their unique personality. They know she will change their lives for the better.

ASM Beauty School student's voice
When I met her, my instinct was immediate: she was going to change my life for the better. When I went to the workshop, I was wracked with personal complexes and was worried. I cried in spite of myself. But after listening to the teacher’s lecture, I was even happier at having had the good fortune to meet her. I decided I wanted to change myself — for the better — and I took part in the class. The class began by learning about our faces’ balance. This was something different from the personalized makeup style I had developed through trial and error, without advice from others. I learned that each and every person’s face has a different balance, and that you need to tailor your makeup to cater to those differences.

I used to dread doing my makeup — since joining the class, it has become a pleasure, and I slowly developed more confidence. I am so grateful to the instructor for going beyond makeup and looking deep inside each of us and guiding us to beauty. My meeting with the teacher was almost a turning point in my life. Even my thought process changed. I plan to keep developing more confidence and having a smile on my face, hoping to become an enchanting woman like her.

ASM Basic Makeup Course Kunimi Ida

I regained the confidence and energy I needed to become beautiful and proactive.

ASM Beauty School student's voice
I used to dread doing my makeup — since joining the class, it has become a pleasure, and I slowly developed more confidence. I am so grateful to the instructor for going beyond makeup and looking deep inside each of us and guiding us to beauty. My meeting with the teacher was almost a turning point in my life. Even my thought process changed. I plan to keep developing more confidence and having a smile on my face, hoping to become an enchanting woman like her.
I took part in a free seminar at the introduction of a friend. Until that time, I treated makeup as something I got a few pointers on when buying it, or something I gleaned from the pages of magazines and television. I wasn’t terribly interested in it. However, my friend had simply glowing skin — she was radiant! The course was free, and the appeal of a teacher trained in New York was an unmistakable bonus…. .. So I decided to casually take part, almost just out of sheer curiosity. I soon found that even more interesting than the makeup techniques was Akemi’s enchanting personality. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I felt as though the workshop taught me not just about makeup, but about how to be a better woman. Once I joined the course, that’s exactly how it turned out! She taught us not just about makeup techniques, but helped us become more beautiful from the inside out. When I would attend class tired and stressed, Akemi would immediately notice and ask me what was wrong. It was like getting makeup lessons that included free therapy. The classes themselves were relaxed and down-to-earth. They were just plain fun. “Beautiful!” and “That’s so cute!” were words on everyone’s lips. I used to be bashful about getting compliments like that, but I soon learned to love such praise. As my attitude changed, my life became more fun. Doing my makeup in the morning stopped being a rote process and became an exciting journey — each day, I would think about whether to go for an adult look, a cute look, or something different. I can’t go into the details, as it’s a personal affair, but my confidence was at rock-bottom when I went to the free seminar. It was a low point in my life. After taking part in the class, growing more beautiful, and getting praise, I regained the confidence and drive I needed to move forward.

After I graduated, the instructor continued interacting with me as warmly as ever before. I’m truly grateful.

ASM Basic Makeup Course Minako Motoyama

No matter the person, the beauty you have within you will be untapped 1,000 fold.

ASM Beauty School student's voice

Since I was a child, I had such intense eyebrows that, even wearing a skirt, people would mistake me for a boy. For fifty-odd years, no makeup artist had had the courage to tackle my intense and imposing eyebrows. In Akemi’s hands, my eyebrows were immediately transformed into a look that was true to me! She brought out my ultimate elegance. This experience was not limited to me. People of every age and walk of life will find their inner beauty unleashed 1,000 fold when in the trustworthy “god-like” hands of Akemi. What impresses me the most and I absolutely adore about Akemi’s work is that it brings grace and elegance to everyone. Students in the workshops reach new peaks of energy and contentment — they are totally moved and seem to radiate with joy at discovering how beautiful they can become. Each and every time, I have seen how people in the classroom evolve into gorgeous women, their expressions dignified with inner contentment. Some people are even moved to tears. This new makeover has been known to radically transform people’s lives.

Akemi worked as a top artist in New York. In spite of her overwhelming success, she remains down-to-earth, embracing everyone with a sincere love. I truly love and respect her personality and graceful style.

ASM Basic Makeup Course Keiko Yamaoka