Brightening Cleansing Water

Ultra lightweight, soap-free liquid removes makeup and surface impurities. Skin is left clean and hydrated with a renewed brightness. No rinsing required. AM/PM. Saturate a cotton pad and stroke over face and neck until clean. Do not use on or around eyes.
※Paraben-free, Passover approved.

Product Brightening Cleansing Water
Code Cleansing 5
Capacity 1.75 oz. 52g / 5.8 fl. oz. 174ml
Ingredients Natural Licorice Extract is a tyrosinase inhibitor that helps to prevent hyper-pigmentation from forming for a renewed brightness and even skin tone. Super Calming Complex is a super complex, containing Arnica, Salomons Seal, Cypress Nut and Malt Extracts, that helps inhibit blotchiness, promoting the healthy maintenance of micro-circulation and a more even toned complexion.